Sunlite Group is a company that specialises in providing solar solutions, particularly for off-grid environments or areas with limited grid connections. They offer a range of solar products, including solar lighting, solar panel installations, and solar battery installations. The company emphasises the carbon neutrality of their products and aims to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for their clients, offering products that require little maintenance and carry a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Challenge

Residents and local councilors of Melksham East, a community in the parish of Melksham, identified a need for additional street lighting, especially around the estate surrounding Skylark Road and the footpath in the playing field west of Forest & Sandridge School. The lack of lighting in these areas was a safety concern, particularly for children going to and from the school and for residents moving around the estate in the evening​.

The Solution

Sunlite Group was selected to install solar street lighting in these areas. The project was supported by local stakeholders, including the landowner, the local school, the police, and, importantly, the residents themselves, who had expressed the need for more lighting during a public consultation. A total of 21 solar street lights were installed, significantly improving safety and visibility in the area​.


The installation of the lights was met with praise from the community. Residents noted that the new lights improved safety and usability of the pathways around the estate during the evening hours. The project was considered a success, with particular credit given to the local councillors who championed the cause​.

This case study demonstrates Sunlite Group’s ability to provide effective off-grid solar lighting solutions that meet the specific needs of a community. Their products played a key role in addressing a significant safety concern in the Melksham East community, leading to improved quality of life for residents.


Sunlite Group provide permanent off-grid lighting solutions to clients in infrastructure and construction projects worldwide. We are proud to serve commercial and domestic customers by providing high-quality and cost-effective services.


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