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Sustainable and Powerful Solar Street lights.


The energy saved by just 15 street lights is enough to power an electric car for an entire year. So just think how much extra energy we could preserve if more people converted to solar street lighting. 

You could generate over 250 watts per hour through one solar panel alone. 

Sun-Lite Solar is the market leader in providing solar street lighting for streets and footpaths, car parks, and residential areas. So you can keep your energy bills down whilst doing your bit for the environment. 

Is your business struggling to meet its carbon reduction targets? By choosing solar power over fossil fuels, Sun-Lite Solar can help your company reduce its carbon footprint. Overall, it will help work towards the Government’s 2050 carbon reduction targets.

Solar Road Lighting System

A large amount of time and money is required to build a road safely. This cost will increase significantly once you add wiring to power your streetlights from the grid. We have the solution: off-the-grid street lighting. 

By investing in solar street lights with Sun-Lite Solar, you can cut all ties to the National Grid. Instead, you can generate, store and deliver your own renewable energy.

What’s more, if your solar panels produce excess energy on a particularly sunny day, this will be stored inside the batteries. If your system cannot gather energy from the sun on a cloudy day, it will rely on this stored energy.

In addition, solar-powered road lighting is immune to power cuts. The road will remain well-lit even if the primary grid fails. Your solar street lights will store energy internally and light up the road for travellers through every season.

We can also install temporary solar lighting for use on more minor roads. Become energy independent today with Sun-Lite.

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Solar Safety

Our solar street lights use the latest LED lighting technologies to guarantee a longer lifespan for your road lighting. They also operate well in cold temperatures, making them the perfect choice for outdoor lighting. Also, unlike traditional lighting, LEDs emit almost no heat, making them safer to change and more energy efficient.

Commercial car parks are almost always paired with CCTV installed. However, it can be challenging to capture sharp, high-quality footage in dark, foggy weather. LED solar street lights will illuminate dull corners to protect your business from potential criminals 24/7.

You won’t need to worry about blackouts or power cuts as your solar panels will not rely on the abilities of the National Grid.  

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Save Money, Save the Planet

Be part of the change towards a brighter future by switching to solar-powered LED street lights. Avoid increasing energy costs and high carbon taxes while helping to reduce our planet’s carbon emissions. An increase in carbon dioxide interferes with the Earth’s natural climate, increasing the temperature and causing changes in weather patterns. 

By choosing Sun-Lite Solar street lighting, you can light up your business, surrounding roads and car parks with a safe, clean, green alternative. In addition, our team are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service to make the installation process smooth and straightforward.

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Intelligent Engineering

Our Sun-Lite solar street lights use LED lighting technology with solar panels that absorb enough energy, no matter the season.

Each solar panel is made up of multiple photovoltaic cells. The energy generation process starts with these cells converting solar energy from natural sunlight into electrical energy. 

This energy is stored in the main battery. In turn, this will power the street lamp automatically when night falls. This routine repeats 24/7.

The integral photocell will automatically turn the light to 30% brightness at dusk to save energy. The sensor is set to a working distance of 7-10 metres. When people or vehicles approach, brightness levels will return to 100% until they move out of range.

Easy Installation

Our extensive range of eco-friendly solar street lights and straightforward to install compared to conventional mains power companies. As a result, we can greatly reduce our installation costs due to our efficient installation services.

We set up your lighting at your request, working on each project until it meets our professional standards. Our lighting services are 100% programmable on-site by using an effective remote-control programmer.

Solar Street Light Applications

  • Council and adopted roads

  • Driveways and Pathways

  • Residential Areas

  • Construction Sites and Site Offices

  • Business Parks

  • Housing Estates

  • Retirement Areas/Villages

  • Storage Areas

  • Commercial Car Parks

  • Perimeter Security


When compared to traditional, standard street lights, LED solar street lighting is much easier to maintain. They have far fewer moving, individual parts than standard lighting. This means they are not affected by rusting or subject to frequent breakages. 

Most solar panels are tilted, meaning rainfall will gently remove any dust that has settled on the surface. Occasionally, you may need to manually remove leaves that may be blocking out the sun’s rays.

Your solar panels are built to withstand various weather conditions, from hail and wind to snowfall. Due to the durable nature of solar panels, they can last up to 40 years with little to no maintenance required.

Why choose Sun-Lite?

At Sun-Lite Solar, we manufacture and supply carbon-neutral lighting and security, offering a more cost-effective solution than standard LED lighting technology. 

With no electricity cost, no cable trenching or connection fees, we are the best solution for you. Meet your carbon reduction targets with ease, save money on electricity bills and become energy independent. 

Our specialist knowledge of solar-powered systems and deployment has allowed us to develop reliable lighting solutions that operate and function competently in UK conditions.

To learn more about our services, get in touch with our team on 01473 599300 or use our handy contact form.

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