Solar Battery Systems


Solar battery systems help you maximise the savings you get from your Solar PV installation.

At Sunlite Group we provide solar battery storage installation, enabling you to store the excess energy produced by solar PV. As a result, you have access to power around the clock, even without daylight.

Any unused energy will then automatically be sold directly to the national grid, helping you to save money all year round.

solar battery storage systems at sunlite solar

Take control of your power with Home Battery Storage


With energy prices continuing to rise, now more than ever, its essential for homeowners to take control of their energy supply. At Sunlite, we have already helped hundreds of homeowners introduce sustainable energy into their homes.

✔    Reliable energy – solar battery storage provides more reliable power, especially for those where the grid is unstable and prone to outages.

   Reduce your carbon footprint – solar produces far greater sustainable energy than traditional fossil fuels.

✔    Avoid huge price increases – by becoming self sufficient you can avoid the need of relying on the national grid.

✔    Maximise the benefits of your solar installation – a solar battery enables you to store excess power generated during the day for use later.

GivEnergy 5.2k Solar Battery

Solar Battery Storage

GivEnergy 5.2 kWh Li-Ion Battery


Introducing the GivEnergy 5.2 kWh Eco Li-Ion Battery – the ultimate power solution for your home or business. This state-of-the-art management system utilises the latest LiFePO4 prismatic cell technology, providing you with the safest and most reliable battery on the market.

Product Overview

The GivEnergy 5.2kWH Li-Ion Battery offers higher capacity and higher density cells and monitors individual cell voltage for maximum efficiency. In addition, the prismatic cell design minimizes heat build-up and thermal hotspots, ensuring maximum performance and longevity.
The GivEnergy battery is also straightforward to install and use, with plug & play functionality that makes it simple to set up and start using right away. And when it’s time to replace it, the battery is fully recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
With a dual BMS system, you’ll have greater control and functionality over your battery than ever before. And if you need more power, our scalable battery packs allow you to add up to five per inverter in 2019.
And with a 0.5C-1C charge and discharge rate and 157Wh per Kg +/- 5%, you can rest assured that your GivEnergy battery will provide you with the power you need when you need it. Upgrade to the GivEnergy 5.2 kWh Eco Li-Ion Battery today and experience the power of the future.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 5.2kWh
Voltage 51.2VDC
Current 102Ah
IP Grade IP65
Robust multi-point monitoring BMS pre-installed
Life Cycling (80% DOD, 25°C) 10 years
Operating Temperature 0°C~45°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~60°C
Warranty BTT
10 years, whichever comes sooner
UN 38.3, IEC61000
Weight 54kg
480 x 515 x 205 mm
Operating Voltage 43.2 – 58.5V DC
Maximum Charging Voltage 59VDC
Maximum Charging / Discharging Current 60A
Discharging Current 60A
Network Interface RS485
Communication Protocols Modbus
Avantages Stackable, BMS Upgradeable, *IP65

Solar Battery Storage Installation


At Sunlite, we provide installation services to new and existing solar customers across the Southeast. So whether you require a solar battery install only or solar PV and battery installation, our team are at hand to help.

Our range of hybrid and AC  battery systems are compatible with domestic installation and commercial installations.  If you have an existing solar system and require a battery we can add an AC charger and batteries, we have various options we can discuss with you to suit your needs.

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Are there grants available for solar batteries?


Although there are no funding initiatives specifically for solar batteries, there is funding for solar panels. In addition, the government launched the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) in January 2020. SEG enables you to earn money by sending excess stored electricity back to the grid. 

The Feed-in Tarrif (FIT) ended in 2019, and no new applications are being processed. However, people who are already registered under FIT will continue to receive payments until the end of their agreements.

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Frequently asked questions about home batteries


Solar battery storage systems come in a wide range of specifications. As a result, the cost of the battery is influenced by two factors: the size of your solar PV system and your battery specifications.

The size of the solar battery you require will depend on your energy requirements and the size of your solar PV system. Typically, homeowners want batteries that store enough energy to power their homes outside daylight hours. First, however, it is essential to factor in how much electricity your PV system generates. 
Our solar team are at hand to help you find the best solar battery for your home.

Yes, we have a wide range of solar batteries that are ideal for retrofit applications. Our team will help you to find the correct home battery for your system and energy needs.

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