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What to expect with Homely


Heat pumps are a super-efficient all-electric heating system designed to gently and continuously heat your home, and Homely is the smart controller that gets the best out of them.

In general:

  • Heat pumps are most effective when they run at as low a temperature as possible, with the radiators lukewarm to the touch
  • The house should stay at roughly the same temperature most of the time – even through the night and when you are not at home – this actually saves on your energy bill overall!

Homely takes this all into account by default. Its proprietary smart tech learns the unique characteristics of your house and uses this to run your heat pump in the most efficient way possible.

It’s like having a heating engineer constantly standing by your heat pump tuning the performance.

Why choose Homely?

Reduce your running costs of your ASHP by up to 25%

Take advantage of time-of-use electricity tariffs to see Homely excel and save even more.

With these tariffs, the rate you pay for electricity varies according to the time of day, meaning you can save money by shifting the times you heat your house and water away from peak periods. They are increasing in popularity: they are good for your wallet and great for the environment.

Homely works seamlessly and automatically with all smart tariffs, finding the perfect balance between running efficiently, saving on electricity, and keeping your house cosy.

Homely is compatible with:

  • Agile Octopus
  • Cosy Octopus
  • Octopus Go
  • 100Green’s Tide tariff
  • E.ON Next Drive
  • EDF GoElectric Overnight
    And more!

This tariff optimisation is a subscription service, currently priced at just £25 per year after a free introductory period.

How does Homely work?


In your house, Homely is a small hub that connects to your heat pump and a temperature sensor.

It uses data and proprietary technology to drive performance and efficiency, tracking:

  • How your house heats up and cools down
  • How your house responds to direct sunlight
  • The latest weather forecasts for your location
  • Your heating and hot water preferences
  • Your electricity tariff

It puts this all together to proactively warm your house and hot water, keeping you cosy while saving money and the environment.

Zero VAT Solar Installations

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the Smart+ tariff optimisation service

  • Reduce your heating bills by up to 25% compared with heat pump owners with other smart thermostats.
  • You’re in control. Tell us how flexible you are with how your home is heated. The more flexible you are, the greater the potential savings. That’s because it allows Homely to put more heat in to your home during the cheapest times.
  • Set different schedules for different days. Smart+ will work out the optimal heating schedule for you.
  • Cheaper hot water. Smart+ will identify the cheapest periods and use those to heat your hot water. Modern tanks keep the water hot for hours so you should always have hot water available. Got guests coming? You can always just ask Homely to boost the hot water.

Homely is compatible with the following heat pump brands:

*Samsung-model number beginning with AE, manufactured post 2015

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