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Why Choose Solar Cladding?

Traditional overcladding involves adding a new layer of metal sheeting over your existing roof, sealing it from the elements and ensuring it’s watertight. Solfit Solar claddings transforms this process with a groundbreaking approach. Instead of using standard metal for the second layer, Sunlite employs Tier 1 solar modules, creating a solar-powered roof that not only protects your property but also generates energy.

This innovative method means that what used to be an unwelcome expense for commercial roof repairs can now become a source of return for your business. the technology is versatile, compatible with various roofing materials including asbestos, fibre cement, and metal. With Sunlite, your roof repair isn’t just a cost—it’s an investment into your business’s future, turning sunlight into savings.

Solar Cladding



Can You Put Solar Panels On An Abestos Roof?

The short answer is yes you can. The award-winning technology we use for our solar cladding solutions is compatible with many kinds of roofs, including asbestos. Not only will this make the roof safer and more watertight, it provides the opportunity to create your own energy, reducing your reliance on the National Grid.

Redefining Excellence in Roof-Integrated Solar Solutions


This technology is revolutionising the industry with its distinctive double-glass solar panel design, setting new benchmarks for fire resistance, wind endurance, and watertightness in roof-integrated solar solutions. Opting for solar overcladding promises substantial energy cost savings for your business and guarantees a roof that is safer and more robust than the traditional metal one it replaces.

Why choose Solar Cladding?

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At Sunlite Group, we are MCS certified and an approved GivEnergy installer. Our teams are recognised for their expert knowledge and customer care. Every installation is planned and delivered to our strict high standards, taking your and the environment’s safety into account every step of the way.
We only work with the highest-quality manufacturers, so you can be confident you’re getting the best solar panels available. Our installers work tirelessly to ensure your solar panels are installed carefully and efficiently.

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