At Sunlite Solar Lighting, we want to encourage as much Solar Development as possible.

PPA’s are a great way to do this. Not only are the immediate and long-term financial reductions a great benefit, so is taking that simple solar step to reach environmental benefits, educational benefits and helping to combat the significant issues of climate change.

  • Our PPA terms range from as short as five years up to 25 years
  • The price of electricity is fixed and will increase annually at the rate of the retail price index (RPI), protecting businesses against future energy price increases (Ofgem suggest electricity will increase at a rate of 5-7% per annum).
  • We will complete a structural survey to ensure the roof’s integrity is suitable for Solar PV installation.
  • We will insure the system at no cost to you. This covers storm damage, fire, theft and vandalism.
  • At the end of the term, the system will be gifted to you. This means that you will be able to benefit from the power at zero cost.

The benefits of PPA’s

Clean, Green Energy

Discover the Future of Energy with Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


Solar PPA 9 Step Wheel

Are you ready to unlock a brighter, greener future for your organisation? Look no further than our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – the key to cost-effective, sustainable energy with zero upfront investment.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract between two parties:

  1. Energy generator
  2. Energy consumer

With a PPA from Sunlite Group, this energy comes from the solar array installed on your company’s roof, providing you with cheap, green energy on-site.

How it works

  1. Modelling – We will review your bills and calculate savings
  2. Design – our team tailors the perfect solar solution for you
  3. Agreements – Agreements are drawn up between both parties
  4. Council Planning – Local Councils are informed as to the proposal
  5. Grid Approval – We seek approval from the Distribution Network Operator on your behalf
  6. Installation – Once approved, our developers begin the installation
  7. Monitoring – Now installed, our team monitor your information
  8. Maintenance – Our team schedules and carries out regular maintenance
  9. Reviews with Customer – We review the progress and savings with you annually.


What Is A Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a solution that enables organisations to make the switch to low-cost clean energy, without any capital expenditure.

Essentially, it a contract between you and a power producer of to install a solar panel system on your roof for little to no upfront cost. During the contract, you will receive energy at prices much lower than traditional grid-based power and be able to generate income from the sale of any excess.

Ready to embrace a cleaner, more cost-effective future? Join the sustainable energy revolution with Sunlite’s Power Purchase Agreement. Your sustainable future starts here.

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