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At Sunlite Solar Lighting, we can offer PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreement) on your commercial and industrial properties via our funding partner. So you can develop your property into a sustainable, cost and carbon saving asset with zero capital expenditure! 

Our funding partner has secured exclusive funding of £100M to be deployed in the UK C&I rooftop solar PV space for PPA projects. We work directly with them to focus on saving businesses, local authorities, educational establishments, hospitals and more to save on their electricity bills, helping to create energy security. 

Installing Solar PV on your commercial and industrial properties has some great benefits. These are just some:

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • No capital cost is required. 
  • Versatile – full spectrum of roof types or ground-mounted
  • Supports environmental targets and combats climate change 
  • Owner-occupier and leasehold solutions
  • The rate of electricity is capped and will increase annually at the RPI, protecting customers against future energy price increases.

All of your expenses, covered!

When choosing a PPA project all expenses are covered for you. This includes everything from a Desktop Survey, to planning application submission (if required) and all the way to the system design, construction and operation and maintenance, and of course everything in between! 

You will receive a personalised proposal based on your current electrical consumption and costs, showing you what your own unique savings will be over certain periods of time with Solar PV installed.

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How is it free for you?

YOU – Agree to let us lease space on your roof, in your plant room or on your land. 

WE – Pay for installs and monitor and maintain your cutting-edge renewable energy plant. 

YOU – Receive vastly reduced electricity bills and a brand new, fully maintained, renewable energy system. 

WE – Receive the revenue from the sale of the electricity to both you and the grid if any energy is exported.

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Typical examples

Sustainable Energy

At Sunlite Solar Lighting, we want to encourage as much Solar Development as possible. PPA’s are a great way to do this. Not only are the immediate and long-term financial reductions a great benefit nevertheless, so is taking that simple solar step to reach environmental benefits, educational benefits and helping to combat the significant issues of climate change.

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