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Sustainable Energy

Power your home with Solar


With energy prices constantly rising, many people seek a more sustainable and cost-effective power supply. Sunlite provides professional solar installation services to homeowners and businesses across Ipswich. We take pride in providing sustainable energy solutions, helping you to save money and produce green energy.
Over the last ten years, the cost of Solar PV has decreased significantly. As a result, it has become one of the most effective and efficient ways to generate green energy straight from your rooftop.
Installing solar panels can help you save money on your energy bills, and it’s a great way to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar PV systems also can potentially increase your home’s value.
Zero VAT Solar Installations
solar pv on a residential home

Finance for solar installations

Spread the cost of sustainable energy with our partner Kanoo. 

We have partnered with finance provider Kandoo, to offer our clients a convenient way to fund their sustainable energy systems. Spread the cost across monthly payments with a flexible payment plant.

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Government funding for solar


Although the Feed-In Tariff scheme (TIF) ended in 2019, on 1 January 2020, the government introduced the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) for licensed energy providers. 

This new initiative required SED Licensees to pay small-scale generators (SEG Generators) for any surplus low-carbon electricity exported back to the National Grid. So, you can generate income by selling any excess electricity.

As of 23 March 2022, the government have scrapped VAT on solar panels, making solar a more cost-effective solution than ever before.

in roof solar system installed

Your local Solar Installation professionals

At Sunlite Solar, we offer a range of solar installation services for domestic properties. Our team of experts will work with you to design and install a solar system that meets your needs and budget.

✔   We are a friendly family run business

   We offer a free site visit and technical survey

✔   Installations of 4kWp Solar Systems from just £3,950 (£0 VAT)

    Continuous after-sales service.

✔   FREE no obligation quotes – no pressure from us

✔   Flexible finance options

How to book your FREE site survey


We provide all customers with a free site survey and technical visit. We will offer you a fixed-price quote and an energy savings estimate during the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Installations


How much does it cost to install solar panels?

Our 4kWp Solar installations start from just £3995 with zero VAT to pay.

How long do solar panels take to install?
A 4kWp solar system typically takes one day to install. However, this can vary depending on the size of your property and the number of panels you’d like to install. 
Our solar technician will provide an accurate installation turnaround time during your free site survey.
Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Modern solar panels continue to work during cloudy weather. Solar panels react to light, so if it’s light enough to see, solar panels will generate electricity.

Does it need to be hot outside for solar panels to work?

Solar panels produce more electricity in summer, making it seem like they need warmer weather to work. But this is not the case. Instead, solar panels become less efficient if the temperature gets too hot (or too cold).

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