For commercial entities like Kedan Logistics, shifting to renewable energy solutions can often be an arduous journey. They were seeking a sustainable and cost-effective way to manage their rising energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint. These challenges brought them to Sunlite Group.

The Sunlite Solution, A Personalised Approach

As a trusted name in the industry, Sunlite Group is known for its customer-focused approach and comprehensive services. To begin the project, our team conducted a thorough site survey to understand Kedan Logistics’ unique energy needs. This analysis allowed us to provide a tailored solution that would address their challenges efficiently.

Our team proposed a solar energy solution comprising 12 solar panels, paired with a three-phase 5kW Standard Inverter. The design also included a trapezoidal mounting kit to arrange three rows of four panels each in a landscape orientation. This setup was specifically devised to harness maximum solar power for Kedan Logistics, based on their site’s characteristics and energy requirements.

“All went smoothly.”

Mr Wymer / Kedan Logistics

The Outcome

The result of implementing this solution was transformative. Kedan Logistics reported smooth operations throughout the installation process and witnessed substantial benefits post-implementation. The new solar power system led to significant cost savings in energy bills and reduced reliance on grid electricity, helping them make strides towards sustainability.

Services provided:

Why Choose Sunlite Group

At Sunlite Group, our commitment goes beyond simply providing a product. We strive to deliver top-quality service from start to finish, maintaining clear and supportive communication with our clients throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure that from the initial information provided to the final installation and system handover, our customers receive the best possible experience. This unwavering dedication to quality and service has made Sunlite Group a trusted partner in solar energy solutions for both commercial and domestic customers..

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Sunlite Group provide permanent off-grid lighting solutions to clients in infrastructure and construction projects worldwide. We are proud to serve commercial and domestic customers by providing high-quality and cost-effective services.

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