Solar Street Lighting


The Temp-Lite is an all in one temporary solar lighting alternative.  It is a versatile temporary lighting solution that can be moved and positioned using a forklift or a sack-barrow.

The Temp- is fitted with our powerful and reliable Solo-Lite all in one fitting and is a far more efficient alternative to diesel generator lighting.  The solution offers a silent, clean, low-carbon operation with minimal maintenance.

As a reliable and cost-effective alternative to mains-powered lighting, the Solo-Temp requires no cabling, trenching thus saving on labour and installation costs.

The Solo-Temp-Lite is available in two versions depending on application and can be purchased or hired.

The lighting has been tried and tested to UK conditions and will remain reliable and consistent through the winter months.

Our Solo-Temp lighting is fully programmable to our customers’ requirements with state-of-the-art autonomy which optimises the power usage in the fitting.

Suitable applications for temporary solar lighting can be:

  • Construction Sites
  • Temporary Car Parks
  • Temporary Roadways and paths
  • Site Compounds
  • Outdoor Events
  • Infrastructure and Roadworks


  • No Fuel or mess
  • No omissions, Low carbon
  • Low maintenance
  • No Noise
  • No Trenching or cabling required

Temp-Lite options

We can design a temporary light fitting up to 8m high that will best suit your application, for example for festivals, highways etc.


500kG concrete block with 3mtr column and powerful 20w Solo-Lite. Ideal for construction sites, compounds, car parks, pathways and smaller roads.


1000kG concrete block with 5mtr column and powerful 30w Solo-Lite.  Giving a greater spread of light therefore Ideal for larger roads and paths, compounds, carparks, construction site and highways.

Design Service

SunLite Solar Lighting can offer our customers a full lighting design service.

We will work with you to design a solution specific to your requirements and for the application to ensure the correct lighting levels and quantities for your site or project.