Hawk-lite Solar Street Lighting

The Hawk-Lite is an integrated light with the solar panel, LED body, battery and controller all in one making an aesthetically sleek looking luminaire which is easy to transport, install and maintain. The Solar panel can be adjusted manually in vertical and horizontal direction, ensuring the maximum efficiency of solar energy. Unique fault indicating system includes over discharging of battery, system over voltage, LED load in short circuit and LED load in open circuit. Available in high powered versions for more demanding applications


Fly-Lite Solar Street Lighting offers a totally off grid lighting solution and can cater for many applications such as:

  • Council roads
  • Adopted roads
  • Residential areas
  • Driveways and pathways
  • Retirement villages
  • Housing estates
  • Business parks
  • Storage areas
  • Site offices
  • Perimeter security
  • Construction sites
Sun-Lite Solar Street Light

Remote Setting

Microwave Sensor Optional

MC4 Plug Connection

Lithium Battery

130 LM/W

Innovative Design

The Advantages of Hawk-Lite Solar Street Lighting

  • Unique integration design
    Easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Rotating solar panel
    In vertical and horizontal direction.
  • Charge and discharge management
    Protects battery by software and hardware, supporting battery charge at 0v.
  • Light efficiency management
    Patent led chip, high efficiency, up to 160lm/w.
  • Microwave motion sensor
    Radar controlled, called Doppler effect. More intelligent, energy-saving.
  • Control mode management
    6 work modes for choice.
  • Patent bat-wing lens
    Much wider lighting area, maximising the light output on the road. Increasing

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