All in One Solar Street Lighting

The Solo series ‘All in One’ solar LED street light is slim and contains a 100% integrated design. It is ideal for installation in areas that require an autonomous lighting system, as well as areas that have no electrical infrastructure.

The photovoltaic solar energy powers the light with its own power source, charges the LED board, controller and the batteries all from an ultra-thin block which helps the installation process and general maintenance. The All In One Solar Street Light also uses a substantially high and durable lithium battery which is compact, as well as an additional electrical system to improve performance and economy.

With intelligent light detection system the luminaire automatically turns on at dusk and goes off at dawn, and is dimmed automatically through the motion sensor to further optimise the product’s autonomy and efficiency.

The Solo series all in one solar LED street luminaire has a slim and fully integrated design for installation in areas with no electrical infrastructure or requiring an autonomous lighting system. Powered by photovoltaic solar energy, the luminaire has its own power source, charge controller, batteries and LED board, all integrated into a single ultra-thin block that facilitates installation, maintenance and prevents vandalism. Uses high durability compact lithium battery and electrical system developed for better performance and economy.

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The All in One Solar Lighting Range

SL701-15W All in One Solar Street Lighting


SL701-20W All in One Solar Street Lighting


SL701-30W All in One Solar Street Lighting


SL701-40W All in One Solar Street Lighting


SL701-60W All in One Solar Street Lighting


SL701-80W All in One Solar Street Lighting


Three Year Warranty

Easy Installation

Fully integrated solar technology

Top pole and wall option

Light and resistant

Advantages and Applications

Sun-lite solar street lights are extremely efficient with a patented design that only emits 1% light wastage, which means 99% controlled light directed to the ground. Solo-Lite Solar Street Lighting offers a totally off grid lighting solution and can cater for many applications such as:

• Council roads
• Adopted roads
• Residential areas
• Driveways and pathways
• Retirement villages
• Housing estates
• Business parks
• Storage areas
• Site offices
• Perimeter security
• Construction sites

Sun-Lite can offer a slimline designed all in one street light and a more powerful all in two street light for more demanding applications.

Product Specifications

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