Solar Street Lighting

Sun-Lite Solar is the market leader in providing solar street lighting for not only streets, but footpaths, car parks and residential areas. 

 Our LED solar street lights are stand alone off-grid lighting with no power required from the main electricity grid. Our range of solar lights at Sun-Lite can help your company meet its carbon reduction targets, to make substantial changes to the environment, and to help reach the government’s 2050 carbon reduction targets.

Solar Street Lighting All Year Round 24/7 

Our Sun-Lite solar street lights are high-quality, all year round solar LED units that absorb enough energy, even in the darkest days to ensure full capacity power during the colder seasons. 

From dusk until dawn, our solar powered LED lights absorb vast amounts of solar energy. This process consists of the ‘photovoltaic cells’ converting solar energy into electrical energy, which is then stored in the main battery. At night, the street lamp starts automatically as it consumes the stored electricity that has been stored in the battery throughout the daytime. This process continues to occur during the day-time and the night-time, and repeats 24/7. 

At dusk the integral photocell will automatically turn the lamp on top to 30% brightness. The integral sensor working distance is 7 to 10 metres, therefore when people or vehicles approach, the lamp will automatically switch to 100% brightness. When no presence is detected the lamp will ramp back down to 30% brightness.

Sun-Lite will set up your lighting as desired by working on each project individually to ensure the job is done to meet professional standards. Our lighting services are also 100% programmable on site by using an effective remote-control programmer.

Examples of Solar Street Lighting applications include:

  • For council and adopted roads.
  • Driveways and Pathways
  • Residential Areas
  • Construction Sites and Site Offices
  • Business Parks
  • Housing Estates
  • Retirement Areas/Villages
  • Storage Areas
  • Perimeter Security

Product Specifications

1.All In One Solar Street Lighting 

The Solo series ‘All in One’ solar LED street light is slim and contains a 100% integrated design. It is ideal for installation in areas that require an autonomous lighting system, as well as areas that have no electrical infrastructure.

The photovoltaic solar energy powers the light with its own power source, charges the LED board, controller and the batteries all from an ultra-thin block which helps the installation process and general maintenance. The All In One Solar Street Light also uses a substantially high and durable lithium battery which is compact, as well as an additional electrical system to improve performance and economy.

Learn more about the All In One Solar Street Light

2.Fly-Lite Solar Street Light 

The Fly-Lite is a fully integrated light that consists of the LED body with the solar panel, as well as the main battery and controller all in one. This particular solar street light looks aesthetically pleasing and an overall sleek luminaire that is easy to install, maintain and transport. 

The Fly-Lite solar panel can be manually adjusted in both horizontal and vertical directions to ensure the maximum efficiency of the solar energy that is converted. This particular solar street light also contains a unique fault indicating system. This consists of system-over voltage, discharging of the battery, and a short/open circuit LED load. 

Learn more about the Fly-Lite Solar Street Light

3.Fly-Lite Mini Solar Street Light 

The Fly-Lite Mini is the miniature version of the main Fly-Lite street light system that consists of the LED body, solar panel, battery and the controller all in one that is also sleek and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and is efficient in its installation and maintenance. 

Similar to the main Fly-Lite, the Mini can be manually adjusted in vertical and horizontal directions. The Fly-Lite Mini Solar Street Light also contains the unique fault indicating system.

Learn more about the Fly-Lite Mini Solar Street Light

4.Hawk-Lite Solar Street Light

The Hawk-Lite is a fully integrated light system that contains the LED body, solar panel, battery and controller. It is aesthetically sleek and pleasing to the eye, which contains easy installation and maintenance. 

The Hawk-Lite solar panel can be manually adjusted in both horizontal and vertical directions to ensure the solar energy works at maximum efficiency. This solar street light is available in different high-powered versions to meet higher demanding lighting applications.

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Easy Installation 

Our extensive range of solar street lights are simple and economical to install. Installation costs can be reduced significantly due to our effective and efficient installation services, in comparison to conventional mains power companies that involve much more complex installation processes.

Our Solar Street Light Service

At Sun-Lite Solar, we manufacture and supply carbon neutral lighting and security, offering a more cost-effective solution than standard LED technology. With no electricity cost, no cable trenching or connection fees, meaning we are the best alternative for you.

Our specialist knowledge of solar street lighting and deployment has allowed us to develop lighting solutions that operate and function with high-reliability in the UK conditions.

To learn more about our Solar Street Lighting Services, contact us today by calling us on 01473 599 300.