Solar Flood Lighting


The Dual-Lite Solar LED light series can be column-mounted for street light applications or wall-mounted when used as floodlighting and perimeter protection.

This rechargeable solar light features a MONO crystalline high-performance panel, built-in microwave sensor and lithium battery with a high-quality MPPT controller system. 

This panel provides versatility in design. The solar panel can increase to make sure enough power for any use, making it an ideal solution for areas where there is little consistent sunshine. The Dual-Lite Solar LED series is popular within European countries and guarantees continuous lighting, even throughout winter.

  • The 15W and 20W models are ideal for 4-6M poles. 
  • 30W and 40W are better suited to 5-7M poles.
  • 50W and 60W are optimal for 7-9M poles.

These lighting fixtures contains a solar light head and solar panel connected by a 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. The distance from light to solar panel reaches up to 30 metres. These characteristics make it a reliable and durable stand-alone solar solution for sustainable street lighting.

Dual-Lite Solar lighting is an effective solution for poles ranging from 3 metres to 8 metres in height. Using 48, 72 or 90 Philips LEDSMD3030 as the light source, driven with low current. It gives more than 160lm/W. Plug & Play connection and is easy to install and maintain.

​Dual-lite Solar Floodlights are high power solar lights with up to 7,800 lumens output. It is ideal for any application lacking power, such as billboards or advertising boards. 

The advanced-engineered Dual-Light series contains just two parts, the solar light head and solar panel. This is a vast reduction in components when compared to more traditional models that would include lead-acid batteries, a solar controller, panel, light head and complex cable systems.

The Duel-Lite floodlight is IP65 with an MPPT solar controller and lithium battery inside of the light body. Its lithium battery has more than 2000 cycles and can be used for 5-7 years.


  • PROGRAMMABLE Built in Smart Solar Controller. Remote controlled power, brightness and lighting
  • MICROWAVE SENSOR Covers more area than a PIR sensor. Longer distances, wider sensitivity and better stability.
  • EXTERNAL SOLAR PANEL Solar panel separated from light allows you to increase the power to meet the solar radiations in different latitude and longitude locations. Max 200W solar panel for 50W LED with 6200lm output.
  • CONNECTION MC4 male & female plugs directly to 18V solar panel. Quick and easy connection. 2.5mm² power cord for less voltage drop.
  • COMPACT SYSTEM – Battery and solar controller. Internal sensors only need to be connected to 18V system, NO additional operations, easy, simple and quick installation.

Product Specification

Download the specification of our Flood Light below