Dual-Lite – Solar Flood Light

The Dual-Lite Solar LED light series can be column-mounted for street light applications or wall-mounted when used as floodlighting and perimeter protection.

This rechargeable solar light features a MONO crystalline high-performance panel, built-in microwave sensor and lithium battery with a high-quality MPPT controller system.

This panel provides versatility in design. The solar panel can increase to make sure enough power for any use, making it an ideal solution for areas where there is little consistent sunshine. The Dual-Lite Solar LED series is popular within European countries and guarantees continuous lighting, even throughout winter.

  • The 20W model is ideal for 4-6M poles.
  • 30W and 40W are better suited to 5-7M poles.
  • 50W and 60W are optimal for 7-9M poles.

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