How Does Solar Lighting Work?


Solar LED lights


The push towards renewable energy sources is stronger than ever, given the increasing concerns about climate change. An insight from World Energy reveals that the average global solar radiation per year could produce energy equivalent to 140 m3 of natural gas, 200 kg of coal, or a barrel of oil. This suggests that with proper optimisation, solar energy has the potential to replace our current major energy sources.

How They Work

Solar LED lights, like other solar devices, operate efficiently by harnessing sunlight. These are off-grid systems and come with incorporated battery technology. Here’s a breakdown of their operation:

  1. Absorption: During the day, photovoltaic cells in the lights absorb solar energy.
  2. Conversion: These cells convert the absorbed solar energy into electrical energy. This happens when solar energy pushes negatively-charged electrons into positively-charged spaces within the cells.
  3. Storage: The converted electrical energy (direct current) is stored in batteries.
  4. Usage: At night, when sunlight is absent, photoreceptors detect the low light levels and trigger the battery to power the LED lamp.

Why Consider Them

Solar LED street lights are versatile, making them suitable for areas with limited or no access to electricity. Their portable nature combined with environmental benefits makes them a strong contender against traditional streetlights.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

Economical & Efficient

No cabling, trenching, or metering required.

Zero ongoing electric bills.

Battery backup ensure functionality even during cloudy or rainy weather.

Qualify for saving from technology-related grants and interest-free loans.

Durable & Maintenance-Free

No scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years.

Long-life PV modules offer over 25 years of power generation.

Come with a 4-year warranty.

Environment & Safety

100% powered by the sun, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and pollution.

LED lights provide cool, flicker-free white light.

Safe 12 volt/24-volt circuit ensure no risk of electrical shocks.

Switching to solar LED streetlights not only benefits the environment but also offers efficiency, safety, and long-term savings. When considering street lighting solutions, factor in the long-term advantages that solar options present.

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