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Utility Free

An average conventional street lamp operating 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, consumes approximately 880kWs of electricity per annum. Sun-lite solar street lighting eliminates those electricity costs. Zero running costs.

Carbon Neutral

All our products use the sun’s energy to charge a bank of batteries which stores the energy until it is required. For example, dusk until dawn. Solar Street lighting has autonomation features that ensure the stored energy is only used when needed and therefore gives the light longevity and sustainability, even in winter months. Zero Carbon Emissions.

Low Installation costs

Sun-lite products are designed to be totally off-grid, therefore zero cabling and trench costs and with no grid connections to include, Sun-Lite provides a massive reduction in installation costs as well as reducing health and safety risk. And of course, the products are environmentally friendly.

Low maintenance costs

All Sun-lite products are made from components that require little or no maintenance. All our products carry a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What we offer

Sun-lite Solar Lighting.


Sun-lite offers permanent off-grid solar lighting solutions to clients in infrastructure and for construction projects worldwide. We are committed to continuously developing our products’ design, manufacturing and performance and to deliver quality, robust products at competitive pricing. We are committed to the best value for our clients and offer high-quality products at a cost-effective price point.

Our products are tried and tested in the UK and globally and have a proven technology to withstand different environments. Our products are ideal for countries with limited grid connections and infrastructure. With simple installation and operation, our range of lighting is a preferred alternative to grid wired lighting.

  • Easy installation, no wiring required

  • Low installation cost

  • Vandal and theft-resistant components and hardware

  • NO wiring from the grid

  • NO cuts through existing roads, paths or landscaping

  • NO maintenance

  • All parts are corrosion-resistant

  • NO utility bills

  • Maintenance-free batteries

  • Better colour rendition & night time visibility

  • No warm-up or cold start problems

  • Component lifetime of 25+ years

What we offer

Sun-lite Solutions.


We offer off-grid, low maintenance and zero utility solutions for many types of industries and applications, including:

  • Council roads

  • Adopted roads

  • Residential Areas

  • CDriveways and pathways

  • Retirement villages

  • Housing estates

  • Business parks

  • Site offices

  • Perimeter security

  • Construction sites

Wholesale and Distribution

Sun-lite are looking for distribution partners across the UK and Europe. If you are looking for a new exciting product line that can save your customers money while protecting the environment, then contact us today.


Turnkey Solutions

If you are looking for a complete project solution, then Sun-lite, along with one of our approved installation partners, can provide a full turnkey solution. Please contact us today.


More about us

Who Sun-lite Are.


We started Sunlite solar lighting with the ethos to manufacturer and supply carbon neutral lighting and security, offering a more cost-effective solution than standard LED technology, with no electricity cost, no cable trenching or connection fees.

Our range of off grid solar lighting includes, solar street lighting, security systems, flood lighting and amenity lighting our products have been tried and tested and proven in UK conditions, with an easy installation and zero ongoing electricity bills.

Our smart technology products are integrated with solar to provide monitoring that controls performance tailored to the specific requirements of your sites lighting needs and most importantly being carbon neutral to the environment.

Our clients are in control of their own renewable generation, providing renewable lighting and security without conventional electricity from the grid.

It is imperative to the team at Sunlite to cut carbon emissions and make savings of imported energy and provide a product range of totally off grid lighting and security solutions to our clients.